Davey Owen Series by Ray Garton

3.86 · 20 ratings
  • Live Girls (Davey Owen #1)

    Live Girls (Davey Owen #1)

    Ray Garton

    · 14 ratings · published 1987

    Davey's on the down and out when he loses his girl, his job and practically his sanity. While some men drown themselves in a forgiving bottle, Davey believes it's much more profitable to sink into Times Square's nightlife and lose himself inside Live Girls. They are the free ravishing pleasures who beckon Davey into a world of irresistible fantasy and ecstasy... more

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  • Night Life (Davey Owen #2)

    Night Life (Davey Owen #2)

    Ray Garton

    · 6 ratings · published 2005

    Night Life, a brilliant sequel to the classic novel of vampires re-imagined―Live Girls When Ray Garton's Live Girls was published in 1987, it changed the face of vampire fiction. The gritty, urban story of Davey Owen's dark seduction and reluctant transformation into a creature of the undead has become a classic of the genre. In Night Life, nearly two decades after battling the vampires of the Midnight Club in New York City, Davey is a marked man... more

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