Hudson Series by V.C. Andrews

3.80 · 66 ratings
  • Rain (Hudson #1)

    Rain (Hudson #1)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 18 ratings · published 2000

    RAIN ALREADY KNOWS HOW HARD LIFE CAN BE. BUT SHE IS ABOUT TO DISCOVER A SHATTERING SECRET FROM THE PAST THAT WILL CHANGE HER FUTURE FOREVER.... Growing up in the ghettos of Washington, D.C., the cards are stacked against a hardworking dreamer like Rain Arnold. Rain has fought to be the best daughter she can: she studies hard and gets good grades; she helps her mother cook and clean... more

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  • Lightning Strikes (Hudson #2)

    Lightning Strikes (Hudson #2)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 16 ratings · published 2000

    RAIN HAS SEARCHED FOR A PLACE TO CALL HOME. BUT THERE'S NOWHERE TO HIDE WHEN THE NIGHT SKY LIGHTS UP WITH TERROR.... Torn from the embrace of her poor but loving family, Rain Arnold now lives surrounded by opulent riches but feels more like an outsider than ever before. Her heart's true passion -- the theater -- may prove to be her salvation, as she embarks on a journey to unmask a legacy of long-buried family secrets... more

  • Eye of the Storm (Hudson #3)

    Eye of the Storm (Hudson #3)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 16 ratings · published 2000

    In the wake of a terrible loss, Rain is left alone to bear the Hudson family secrets — as dark and forbidding as storm clouds on the horizon... After the death of her beloved Grandmother Hudson, Rain found herself caught in a battle for the vast Hudson family wealth. Marked to inherit millions, Rain faced the fury of her unaccepting mother, her manipulative stepfather, and her cold, vicious Aunt Victoria... more

  • The End of the Rainbow (Hudson #4)

    The End of the Rainbow (Hudson #4)

    V.C. Andrews

    · 16 ratings · published 2001

    Was the Hudson Family destined to live in the shadows of the past? Or would luck shine on the newest generation? The answer lies at... The End of the Rainbow Rain's precious daughter, Summer, is about to turn sixteen. Her future lies wide open before her and she carries her mother's wise advice close to her heart: life is hardship, but above all, life is hope. Like all girls her age, Summer dreams of growing up and making her own life, of falling in love and finding her soul mate... more

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