Accidental Series by Emily Evans

3.81 · 43 ratings
  • The Accidental Movie Star (Accidental #1)

    The Accidental Movie Star (Accidental #1)

    Emily Evans

    · 18 ratings · published 2012

    How did Ashley spend her summer vacation? Imagine the hottest guy in Hollywood. Do you see the girl next to him, the one handing him a cup of coffee? Yeah. That’s her. Interning on a major motion picture is not all bad. She gets to watch some of the scenes and even offer her opinion. “That kiss looked lame. Laughably weak. There’s no chance at an MTV award with that kiss.” LOL. Until the director says, “Hey, Intern. Yeah, you. Ashley. You’re right. So, teach Caspian how to kiss... more

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  • The Accidental TV Star (Accidental #2)

    The Accidental TV Star (Accidental #2)

    Emily Evans

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    Marissa, a recent high school graduate and amateur chef, loves cooking, the culinary reality show Scoop Out, and hot Scottish movie star Garrett Campbell. Despite her big dreams, her feet are firmly planted on the non-slip, rubber floor mat behind the counter of the Texas Fry Hut. -- until she receives a wild job offer -- Spend the summer cooking for Garrett Campbell in Hollywood.

  • Accidental Action Star (Accidental #3)

    Accidental Action Star (Accidental #3)

    Emily Evans

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    College freshman Hannah dreams of becoming an artist for a major motion picture studio. And, she’s got a shot…if she can get Max Stone to sign a few little forms. Max Stone. The Max Stone – the studio’s hottest, top-ranked, action star. Dark hair. Golden Eyes. Max. Maybe she’ll get to draw him. Maybe she’ll get a date out of this. Or, two or three... Sure, Max never dates a girl more than twice... more

  • Accidental Heiress (Accidental #7)

    Accidental Heiress (Accidental #7)

    Emily Evans

    · 3 ratings · published 2017

    Fun, young adult, contemporary romance with a happily ever after... Nathaniel Rawlings never loses. Maddie Hart always comes in second. When their paths cross, it happens… Maddie’s luck holds true. She ruins his plans. What’s the big deal? Plans fail. Only this time it is a big deal. Rawlings has put up a priceless family heirloom as a scavenger hunt prize. He risked it because he knew, absolutely positively, that he would win. That was before he met Maddie... more

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