Kennedy Killingsworth Series by Betsy Brannon Green

3.86 · 30 ratings
  • Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth #1)

    Murder by the Book (Kennedy Killingsworth #1)

    Betsy Brannon Green

    · 12 ratings · published 2009

    Small-town librarian Kennedy Killingsworth thought that Midway, Georgia, was the dullest place on earth until a fateful day that begins with a speeding ticket and ends with a suicide. The ticket comes from Kennedy's ex-husband, Deputy Cade Burrell, who seems desperate to find any reason to talk to Kennedy ever since his scandalous affair. And the suicide victim is Foster Scoggins, the leathery-faced resident who applied for a library card just hours before his gruesome death... more

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  • Murder by Design (Kennedy Killingsworth #2)

    Murder by Design (Kennedy Killingsworth #2)

    Betsy Brannon Green

    · 10 ratings · published 2010

    After cracking Foster Scoggins's murder case, Kennedy Killingsworth figured life in Midway, Georgia, would settle back to normal (meaning desperately dull). But that thought goes right out the window when a black-clad man climbs in her window the one in her bedroom, that is... more

  • Murder By The Way (Kennedy Killingsworth #3)

    Murder By The Way (Kennedy Killingsworth #3)

    Betsy Brannon Green

    · 8 ratings · published 2012

    As Kennedy Killingsworth prepares to step into the next phase of her life alongside her soon-to-be husband, Luke, the past reemerges and interrupts with full force. Luke is suddenly called away to testify at a Marine Corps trial and is forced to leave Kennedy soon after they are declared husband and wife. Then an old business associate, Drake Langston, announces he is returning to Midway to finish renovating the town and needs Kennedy's help to smooth things over with the locals... more

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