KEY News Series by Mary Jane Clark

3.75 · 78 ratings
  • Do You Want To Know A Secret? (KEY News #1)

    Do You Want To Know A Secret? (KEY News #1)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 12 ratings · published 1999

    Secrets can really kill your career. Beautiful New York TV anchorwoman Eliza Blake has a past to hide. Her popular co-anchor has a scandal he'd die to keep secret. The next President's pretty wife wants desperately to avoid indecent exposure. A parish priest knows a terrible truth. And a killer has a secret agenda that reaches from New York City's streets to the White House-- it includes the time and place where Eliza Blake will have to die...

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  • Do You Promise Not To Tell? (KEY News #2)

    Do You Promise Not To Tell? (KEY News #2)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 10 ratings · published 1999

    TV producer Farrell Slater just stumbled on a story that might save her career...or get her killed. A prestigious New York auction house just sold a Fabergé Egg for six million dollars. But Farrell knows it is a fake. So does a college student who promised never to tell the location of the real one. And so does a cunning murderer who has already dismembered one victim...set fire to another...and strangled still another in order to carry off the greatest scam of the century... more

  • Close to You (KEY News #4)

    Close to You (KEY News #4)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 10 ratings · published 2001

    Millions of people are watching-- one wants to kill her... What she found was her worst nightmare...She thought she'd found safety.In front of the camera, as anchorwoman for KEY Evening Headlines, she savvy, sexy, and sophisticated. But when she steps out of the spotlight, Eliza Blake is far more vulnerable than her devoted viewers would ever imagine... more

  • Nowhere to Run (KEY News #6)

    Nowhere to Run (KEY News #6)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 10 ratings · published 2004

    Botulism, anthrax, smallpox, plague: as medical producer for television's highly-rated morning news program, Annabelle Murphy makes her living explaining horrific conditions to the nation. So when a KEY News colleague dies with symptoms terrifyingly similar to those of anthrax, she knows the panic spreading through the corridors of the Broadcast Center is justified. As one death follows another, Annabelle's co-workers look to her for assurance, but she finds it hard to give comfort... more

  • Dancing in the Dark (KEY News #8)

    Dancing in the Dark (KEY News #8)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 12 ratings · published 2006

    Trying to mix business with pleasure, KEY News correspondent Diane Mayfield has brought her children and her sister to the New Jersey Shore town of Ocean Grove to investigate a story on "girls who cry wolf" for the season premiere of "Hourglass," television's highly rated news magazine. Diane lands an exclusive interview with a troubled young woman whose tale of being abducted and held against her will for three terrifying days had been disbelieved by the authorities... more

  • Lights Out Tonight (KEY News #9)

    Lights Out Tonight (KEY News #9)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 10 ratings · published 2007

    In Mary Jane Clark's latest blockbuster novel, you will enter the mind of a sociopath.  It's a place where the rules don't apply.  Where anything is fair game.  And where murder is the ultimate means to an end... more

  • It Only Takes a Moment (KEY News #11)

    It Only Takes a Moment (KEY News #11)

    Mary Jane Clark

    · 14 ratings · published 2009

    A seasoned television professional—the host of the top-rated KEY News morning show—Eliza Blake has reported on tragedies many times from behind the anchor's desk . . . and she has survived devastating crises of her own. But only now is she learning the true meaning of terror when her seven-year-old daughter, Janie, is kidnapped from summer camp... more

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