Wicked Deceptions Series by Joanna Shupe

3.77 · 42 ratings
  • The Courtesan Duchess (Wicked Deceptions #1)

    The Courtesan Duchess (Wicked Deceptions #1)

    Joanna Shupe

    · 17 ratings · published 2015

    Can a bold-faced lie lead to everlasting love? One by one, the impetuous heroines in the Wicked Deceptions series intend to find out, each in her unique way. . . How to seduce an estranged husband--and banish debt!--in four wickedly improper, shockingly pleasurable steps... 1. Learn the most intimate secrets of London's leading courtesan. 2. Pretend to be a courtesan yourself, using the name Juliet Leighton. 3. Travel to Venice and locate said husband. 4... more

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  • The Harlot Countess (Wicked Deceptions #2)

    The Harlot Countess (Wicked Deceptions #2)

    Joanna Shupe

    · 13 ratings · published 2015

    Maggie, Lady Hawkins, had a debut she’d rather forget—along with her first marriage. Today, the political cartoonist is a new woman. A thoroughly modern woman. So much so that her clamoring public believes she’s a man… FACT: Drawing under a male pseudonym, Maggie is known as Lemarc. Her (his!) favorite object of ridicule: Simon Barrett, Earl of Winchester. He’s a rising star in Parliament—and a former confidant and love interest of Maggie’s who believed a rumor that vexes her to this day... more

  • The Lady Hellion (Wicked Deceptions #3)

    The Lady Hellion (Wicked Deceptions #3)

    Joanna Shupe

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Lady Sophia Barnes doesn’t take no for an answer. Especially when she’s roaming London’s seedy underground…dressed as a man. A rabble rouser for justice, Sophie’s latest mission is to fight for the rights of the poor, the wretched—and the employees at Madame Hartley’s brothel. She’s not concerned about the criminals who will cross her path, for Sophie has mastered the art of deception—including the art of wearing trousers. Now her fate is in her own hands, along with a loaded gun... more

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