A Kingpin Love Affair Series by J.L. Beck

3.81 · 44 ratings
  • Indebted (A Kingpin Love Affair #1)

    Indebted (A Kingpin Love Affair #1)

    J.L. Beck

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    “You don’t make deals with the mafia, my dear. I’m the mafia king, and I don’t take payments, unless they’re in blood. So tell me… Who shall be paying today?” After losing her mother to cancer a few months prior to graduating, Bree Forbes was finally able to take some time away and enjoy her college days. That all changed in a blink of an eye the moment Bree came home for break. She didn't expect to find her dad strapped to chair, a gun pointed at his head... more

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  • Inevitable (A Kingpin Love Affair #2)

    Inevitable (A Kingpin Love Affair #2)

    J.L. Beck

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    A love story that can only end in tragedy... She was never part of the plan. She was never to become anything. She was simply a payment, and once the debt was settled, she would be nothing to me. She thought her life had changed in a blink of an eye the moment she came home to see her father strapped to a chair, a gun being held to his head. It was my life that changed that day, not hers... more

  • Invincible (A Kingpin Love Affair #3)

    Invincible (A Kingpin Love Affair #3)

    J.L. Beck

    · 8 ratings · published 2015

    Best Selling Author J.L. Beck brings you book three in the compelling Kingpin Series. Loves will be tested, lives will be lost, and somewhere a long the way we will find peace. -Roughly 308 pages- **STANDALONE** Warning: This book contains content that is suitable for adults only due to graphic sex scenes, language, and violence. This is apart of a series but however, can be read as a standalone. A book where the romance is just as dangerous as the crime…... more

  • Injustice (A Kingpin Love Affair #4)

    Injustice (A Kingpin Love Affair #4)

    J.L. Beck

    · 4 ratings · published 2015

    Best Selling Author J.L. Beck brings you the final book in the compelling Kingpin Love Affair Series. Reader Warning: Contains graphic violence, explict sex scenes, and mature themes, that may not be suitable to all readers. Broken. Dead. Failure. That’s what I felt every time I looked in the mirror. Depression. Sadness. Anger. That's what others saw if they were smart enough to see past my facade. Knowing what I felt inside, I would I have to agree... more

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