Love and Sports Series by Meghan Quinn

3.95 · 32 ratings
  • Fair Catch (Love and Sports #1)

    Fair Catch (Love and Sports #1)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Training, playing ball and studying is Lexi’s life and it never seems to bother her until her friend, Parker Hill, points out to her that sweat pants on a Friday night while watching sappy romance movies isn’t really living up her last year in college. Lexi didn’t see the need to party since she didn’t know what the hell she was doing with her life after college but her friends wouldn’t take no for an answer... more

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  • Double Coverage (Love and Sports #2)

    Double Coverage (Love and Sports #2)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Unfortunate inconvenience, that is the way Piper describes her encounter with Mason Dashel. From the minute the alpha male interrupts her morning after hangover on the airplane, she can’t stand to be near the egotistical maniac with a booming voice and annoying sex appeal. But to her misfortune she finds herself not only having to spend time with him at their best friends’ wedding but she also can’t seem to shake the infuriating man in her everyday life... more

  • Three and Out (Love and Sports #3)

    Three and Out (Love and Sports #3)

    Meghan Quinn

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    Piper was dead to him. The minute she walked out the door on Mason, he was done. D.O.N.E. Now, three months later, he’s still trying to act like he doesn’t care. Like his heart hasn’t been torn into shreds and obliterated beyond recognition. But it’s not working. He’s broken and beyond repair. Then Piper goes missing. Mason tries to show the world he doesn’t care, but his world is flipped upside down... more

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