St. Leger Series by Susan Carroll

3.91 · 33 ratings
  • The Bride Finder (St. Leger #1)

    The Bride Finder (St. Leger #1)

    Susan Carroll

    · 15 ratings · published 1999

    Chosen by the Bride Finder, a man blessed with amazing insight, Madeline Breton has come to Cornwall to meet her new husband, the enigmatic Anatole St. Leger. But her dream of happiness soon diffuses in his overpowering shadow. Anatole knows only too well the legacies that to him have been more curses than gifts... more

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  • The Night Drifter (St. Leger #2)

    The Night Drifter (St. Leger #2)

    Susan Carroll

    · 10 ratings · published 2000

    In this sequel to "The Bride Finder, " Lance St. Leger leaves his body behind as he lets his spirit drift into the night and into the home of a sheltered widow. When she mistakes him for the ghost of Sir Lancelot, Lance teases and tempts her and fills her with yearning. Little does he know then that a murderous enemy threatens his inherited powers.

  • Midnight Bride (St. Leger #3)

    Midnight Bride (St. Leger #3)

    Susan Carroll

    · 8 ratings · published 2006

    In her award-winning historical novel The Bride Finder, bestselling author Susan Carroll bewitched readers with the legend of the St. Leger men--the descendants of a medieval sorcerer haunted by an unnatural past. Now Carroll once again conjures the unforgettable castle by the sea--a place where love is as mysterious and invincible as the family legacy. . . . Valentine St. Leger is a healer with a wounded heart... more

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