The Elsker Saga Series by S.T. Bende

3.96 · 26 ratings
  • Elsker (The Elsker Saga #1)

    Elsker (The Elsker Saga #1)

    S.T. Bende

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Featured in USA Today An Upper YA/New Adult Paranormal Romance Kristia Tostenson prefers Earl Grey to Grey Goose and book clubs to nightclubs. But when she transfers from her one-stoplight Oregon town to Cardiff University in Wales, she falls in love with Ull Myhr. Her new boyfriend isn’t exactly what she was expecting. His cashmere sweaters and old world charm mask a warrior who's spent an eternity fighting for his very existence... more

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  • Endre (The Elsker Saga #2)

    Endre (The Elsker Saga #2)

    S.T. Bende

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Featured in USA Today RE-RELEASING JULY 17, 2014 Sometimes, finding your destiny means doing the exact opposite of what The Fates have planned. Winning the heart of an immortal assassin was a dream come true for Kristia Tostenson. Now she’s knee deep in wedding plans, goddess lessons, and stolen kisses. But her decision to become immortal could end in heartbreak -- not only for Kristia, but for the god who loves her... more

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