Biker MC Romance Series by Scott Hildreth

4.50 · 56 ratings
  • Rough (Biker MC Romance #2)

    Rough (Biker MC Romance #2)

    Scott Hildreth

    · 13 ratings · published 2017

    Tegan Raccini's heart has been hardened her parent's divorce, and by the recent loss of her bad boy biker lover to a life-long prison sentence. She isn't bitter; in fact, she's rather upbeat. But, she simply doesn't trust men. When she causes an accident with a motorcycle on the freeway, she's immediately attracted to the handsome biker, but knows she can't stand another heart break. Even though she's unemployed, she agrees to pay for the damages, hoping to never see him again... more

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  • Dirty (Biker MC Romance #3)

    Dirty (Biker MC Romance #3)

    Scott Hildreth

    · 11 ratings · published 2017

    LEX - The victim of a human trafficking ring, I was confined to a tiny bedroom with seven other women. The conditions were horrific. They’d taken my freedom, my clothes, and, eventually, what little hope I clung to. Then, one night, we heard gunshots. Prepared for the worst, I stood with my eyes fixed on the door, ready to meet my fate. And he opened the door. He saved me from the monsters. Then, he simply walked away... more

  • Rigid (Biker MC Romance #4)

    Rigid (Biker MC Romance #4)

    Scott Hildreth

    · 12 ratings · published 2017

    WARNING: Single HOT biker dad alert! SANDY – Grayson “Smokey” Wallace was a biker who was handsome, intelligent, ridiculously sexy, and a single dad. His swagger alone melted me into a puddle the night we met. There was only one problem, he didn’t do relationships. Knowing that tidbit of information beforehand was nice. It allowed me to get what I wanted from him and go on my merry way. My plan, however didn’t work. Not. At. All... more

  • Nuts (Biker MC Romance #5)

    Nuts (Biker MC Romance #5)

    Scott Hildreth

    · 10 ratings · published 2017

    Being raised by my abusive stepfather forced me to look outside my home for a male role model. I didn’t have to go far to find one. My freshman year in high school, Percy “P-Nut” Welsh moved next door. A patched member of SoCal’s notorious Filthy Fuckers MC, he was an easy man to admire and befriend. He was respectful, kind, and intelligent. We soon became close friends, and that friendship lasted long after I graduated... more

  • Thick (Biker MC Romance #6)

    Thick (Biker MC Romance #6)

    Scott Hildreth

    · 10 ratings · published 2017

    BOBBI - Tate Reynolds was muscular, tattooed, and handsome. Seeing beyond his physical attributes allowed me to understand that the man beneath all the muscles was a compassionate, kind, and understanding romantic. I wanted him so bad I could taste it. There was only one real problem. He was an inmate in prison. And, I was a prison guard. TATE - Bobbi Madden was gorgeous. We talked every day for two months. During that time, I learned more about her than any other woman I'd ever met... more

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