Lovely Lane Series by Nadine Dorries

4.42 · 42 ratings
  • The Angels of Lovely Lane (Lovely Lane #1)

    The Angels of Lovely Lane (Lovely Lane #1)

    Nadine Dorries

    · 14 ratings · published 2016

    It is 1953 and five very different girls are arriving at the nurses' home in Lovely Lane, Liverpool, to start their training at St Angelus Hospital. Dana has escaped from her family farm on the west coast of Ireland. Victoria is running away from a debt-ridden aristocratic background. Beth is an army brat and throws in her lot with bitchy Celia Forsyth. And Pammy Tanner has come from quite the wrong side of the tracks in Liverpool... more

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  • The Children Of Lovely Lane (Lovely Lane #2)

    The Children Of Lovely Lane (Lovely Lane #2)

    Nadine Dorries

    · 10 ratings · published 2016

    The second book in the Lovely Lane series from Nadine Dorries. Lily hates the sound of children playing - the ceaseless shouting and laughter and kicking of balls to and fro in the street outside the rough Liverpool tenement where she lives. Somehow those innocent voices seem to make a mockery of her existence - working in a dockside processing plant by day, caring for her younger siblings during her every hour off... more

  • Christmas Angels (Lovely Lane #4)

    Christmas Angels (Lovely Lane #4)

    Nadine Dorries

    · 10 ratings · published 2017

    A FESTIVE TREAT FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE FOUR STREETS AND THE LOVELY LANE SERIES The nurses of Lovely Lane face Christmas dramas at the busiest time of the St Angelus year. Christmas may be the season of goodwill, festive cheer and family cheer for some – but not for the poor of 1950s Liverpool. And for St Angelus Hospital in Lovely Lane, it is frantically busy. There are the old, the dying, the children – and the emergencies... more

  • Snow Angels (Lovely Lane #5)

    Snow Angels (Lovely Lane #5)

    Nadine Dorries

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    The nurses of St Angelus Hospital face the hardship of another winter, in this heartbreaking story by million-copy bestseller, Nadine Dorries. The Angels must battle through the snow to save Victoria's baby and young doctor Teddy Davenport begins to make some serious mistakes... About the Lovely Lane series: In 1950s Liverpool, five very different girls begin their training at St Angelus Hospital, in Lovely Lane. The nurses are known locally as the Angels... more

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