Carter Kids Series by Chloe Walsh

4.41 · 22 ratings
  • Always (Carter Kids #1.5)

    Always (Carter Kids #1.5)

    Chloe Walsh

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    "If I told you a secret, would you keep it?"He's damaged.I'm determined.I've loved him my whole life, but he's broken, older, full of secrets.The bruises on his skin, the silent tears, the hidden pain... I know I'm in over my head.My father warns me against him, but his eyes plead with me to save him.All I know is that I can't walk away from him. I promised I would be there for him.And I will.Always... more

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  • Torment (Carter Kids #4)

    Torment (Carter Kids #4)

    Chloe Walsh

    · 10 ratings · published 2016

    * A heavyweight title up for grabs * * A family to protect * * Enemies closing in * With a baby on the way and a mob family hot on his heels, Noah must once again dust off his gloves and fight. This time, there's more on the line than ever before. With his best friend dead and the career he worked so hard to build crumbling around him, Noah must make some unfavorable decisions. Making a deal with the devil himself, Noah thinks that at least one of problems will be taken care of.. more

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