Star Quartet Series by Catherine Coulter

3.79 · 43 ratings
  • Evening Star (Star Quartet #1)

    Evening Star (Star Quartet #1)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 13 ratings · published 2001

    Dear Reader: Evening Star, formerly titled Sweet Surrender, first appeared in 1984. I have not rewritten it, but now this novel is where it belongs --- it's the first book in what has become the Star Quartet. In Midnight Star, the first book in the former Star Trilogy, you met Delaney Saxton in San Francisco in 1851. Evening Star features his older brother Alex Saxton, with Delaney making a cameo appearance... more

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  • Midnight Star (Star Quartet #2)

    Midnight Star (Star Quartet #2)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 10 ratings · published 1988

    She fought brazenly against his manly strength and power...but when her lips touched his in a stormy, rapturous kiss, the fire of her desire could no longer be denied... Young British heiress Chauncey FitzHugh held out her arms to the man she had come to San Francisco to ruin... as he had financially ruined her father back in 1850. Chauncey vowed to destroy Delaney in the cruelest way a beautiful woman could. Making him love her would be the best revenge... more

  • Wild Star (Star Quartet #3)

    Wild Star (Star Quartet #3)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 10 ratings · published 2002

    Brent Hammond is as handsome as sin and wilder than an unbroken stallion. When he meets Byrony by chance, he's charmed. But when he sees her again, as the petted wife of an older rich man, he's chagrined. Until her life is threatened—and he discovers that only he can protect her...

  • Jade Star (Star Quartet #4)

    Jade Star (Star Quartet #4)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 10 ratings · published 2002

    Beautiful Juliana DuPres knew she should give herself to Dr. Michael "Saint" Morris body and soul. He was everything a woman could want - handsome, kind, and now her husband as well, after rescuing her from her kidnapper, the brutal Jameson Wilkes. Even as Michael held her in his strong arm and claimed her lips in a breathless kiss, Juliana could not shed the painful memory of her abductor. Little did she suspect her fears would become reality when Wilkes once again threatened her... more

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