Still a Bad Boy Series by Ada Scott

3.92 · 20 ratings
  • Submission Specialist (Still a Bad Boy #2)

    Submission Specialist (Still a Bad Boy #2)

    Ada Scott

    · 13 ratings · published 2016

    Instead of Prince Charming, I got Him. Skylar I promised I’d save myself for my wedding night. Of course, I didn’t know it was going to be a fake marriage to a heavyweight MMA fighter. I couldn’t have known how good it would feel to be pinned under all those muscles and tattoos, squirming, panting, and even whimpering in ecstasy. None of us knew how deeply he was involved with the mafia. When he disrespects them, they think they can use me to punish him. They’re wrong... more

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  • The F King (Still a Bad Boy #3)

    The F King (Still a Bad Boy #3)

    Ada Scott

    · 7 ratings · published 2016

    If I do my job, I’ll lose the only man I ever loved. Sarina I was always so focused on my career that I never had time for a relationship until it was my job to have one. I was supposed to “gain his trust,” but I doubt they meant I should let him take me to bed. Instead of showing me where he gets his supply of F, he shows me what it’s like to writhe in ecstasy as I scream his name. Instead of giving me the identity of the drug lord known as The F King, he gives me climax after climax... more

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