The Pregnancy Affair Series by Jordan Silver

3.87 · 43 ratings
  • His One Sweet Thing (The Pregnancy Affair #1)

    His One Sweet Thing (The Pregnancy Affair #1)

    Jordan Silver

    · 17 ratings · published 2014

    When his ex wife's family insists on keeping their holiday traditions alive Marcus Dalton is more than a little surprised to see the changes in the young girl his brother in law had raised after his army buddy passed away years ago. Having missed the past three years of the college Co-Ed's life he's not only shocked by the stunningly beautiful girl's all grown up body but he's thrown off guard when it seems she's propositioning him. This is a short story 11 800 words approximately

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  • The Sweetest Revenge (The Pregnancy Affair #2)

    The Sweetest Revenge (The Pregnancy Affair #2)

    Jordan Silver

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    When Zane Cordon finds out that his wife of ten years have not only been cheating on him but that she had also gotten rid of his unborn children along the way he’s out for revenge. His mind becomes consumed with the best way of getting back at her as he sees his chances at fatherhood slipping away. Then one day he meets the young hot Elena Patriakis and things take a different turn as everything he thought now out of his reach was suddenly right there at his fingertips.

  • Sweet Redemption (The Pregnancy Affair #3)

    Sweet Redemption (The Pregnancy Affair #3)

    Jordan Silver

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    When race car driver Drake Kincaid finds his wife in an extremely compromising position he loses his damn mind. Thankfully he was too mad to aim straight and the shots went wide but now he's pissed. He's sworn off women for good, doesn't even want to see one on paper, but then the sweet Cherry Ann a girl from the wrong side of the tracks starts worming her way under his skin and it's not long before the young beauty finds herself under Drake... more

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