Love and Skate Series by Lila Felix

4.05 · 48 ratings
  • Love and Skate (Love and Skate #1)

    Love and Skate (Love and Skate #1)

    Lila Felix

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    On the rink she’s tough, she’s a leader, she’s fast and she’s the epitome of a rebellious girl. But Nellie’s been hurt, only once, but it was enough to make her look at life through different eyes and off the rink she’s a timid girl who loves with no pretenses. A long time ago Owen Black was betrayed by the girl he thought he loved and the guy he called his best friend. The anguish set off a domino effect of negativity in his life and he never has fully recovered... more

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  • How It Rolls (Love and Skate #2)

    How It Rolls (Love and Skate #2)

    Lila Felix

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Despite the odds, Reed Wolfe is making it, by the skin of her teeth. Her dreams and aspirations will have to wait until she can get on her feet. Because right now she’s homeless and churning on a downward spiral. Falcon Black is existing. Not living, not thriving, just jutting along a path. But when he finds Reed, he can’t resist the urge to help her, lighten her load... more

  • Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate #3)

    Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate #3)

    Lila Felix

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Maddox is running. By accident, he discovered long ago that he was adopted as a baby and his need to find his biological father has consumed him ever since. Now, on a road trip, determined to find his father and his sanity, and armed with locations and his cousin, Nixon, to help him, maybe he can find the answers he’s been searching for. With nothing but a suitcase and a wad of cash to get him there, lead after lead takes him further from home. But he’ll find much more than he intended... more

  • Caught in a Jam (Love and Skate #4)

    Caught in a Jam (Love and Skate #4)

    Lila Felix

    · 8 ratings · published 2013

    I’ve loved her since we were kids. But loving someone gets tough when they don’t love you back. Nixon Black has made mistakes. He made one mistake that would change his life forever. Now he’s working and in school—and he’s got a three year old. He gave up dating when Scout was born, but every night he retreats to another life in his mind, one he could’ve had with her. Journey spent her formative years on the arm of any boy that didn’t expect anything out of her... more

  • False Start (Love and Skate #5)

    False Start (Love and Skate #5)

    Lila Felix

    · 6 ratings · published 2013

    Rex has firsthand knowledge of how love can rip a person to shreds. How it can swallow a person whole, leaving them gasping for air, and dying a lonely person. He watched his mother give everything she had to his father and then she died, too weak and frail to continue on. His father, the deranged man who could barely feed himself—taking care of him left a permanent crease on Rex's heart. He swears he can still hear his pleas for help in his sleep... more

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