Ferrara Series by Sarah Morgan

3.70 · 22 ratings
  • Once a Ferrara Wife... (Ferrara #1)

    Once a Ferrara Wife... (Ferrara #1)

    Sarah Morgan

    · 15 ratings · published 2012

    For better...or for bedding? Laurel Ferrara wouldn't know a happy ending if she fell over it - of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster. But it wasn't as simple as just walking away. From the moment she is summoned back to Sicily, the shivers of unease set in.... The command comes from legendary billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, the husband she can't forget - but it might as well have come from the devil himself... more

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  • The Forbidden Ferrara (Ferrara #2)

    The Forbidden Ferrara (Ferrara #2)

    Sarah Morgan

    · 8 ratings · published 2012

    A Ferrara should never share a bed with a Baracchi - however high the stakes! Dark-hearted Santino Ferrara has always remembered how long-legged, hot-tempered  Fia Baracchi felt in his arms - much to his frustration. Then a million-dollar business deal throws them together, and keeping his distance is no longer an option. But Fia is living a lie... more

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