Magic Trilogy Series by Catherine Coulter

3.82 · 42 ratings
  • Midsummer Magic (Magic Trilogy #1)

    Midsummer Magic (Magic Trilogy #1)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 16 ratings · published 1981

    Philip Hawksbury, the Earl of Rothermere, obeying his father's dying wish, hies himself to Scotland to offer for one of the daughters of Alexander Kilbracken, the Earl of Ruthven. Frances Kilbracken, informed of the earl's arrival and his mission, disguises herself as a bespectacled dowd so she won't be the one selected by the young earl. But choose her he does, and for all the wrong reasons. The newly married couple return to England, together but now at all happy... more

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  • Calypso Magic (Magic Trilogy #2)

    Calypso Magic (Magic Trilogy #2)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 13 ratings · published 2004

    His hungry lips met hers and the sensation built like raging fire...She wanted more...She wanted... Diana Savarol vowed to stay away from her cousin, the rakish and hot-tempered Lyonel Ashton, during her visit to London—for she knew that Lyonel, the sixth Earl of Saint Leven, was a rogue who used women as playthings, and she would not be one of them... more

  • Moonspun Magic (Magic Trilogy #3)

    Moonspun Magic (Magic Trilogy #3)

    Catherine Coulter

    · 13 ratings · published 2004

    She felt his tongue gently stroke her lips...and his hands, caressing her shoulders, moved downward to mold her hips. "No, please," she said, sobbing with desire... Beautiful Victoria Abermarle feared and fled the imperious desires of handsome Damien Carstairs, Baron Drago. But there was no escaping her own desires when she was rescued on the lawless highways of Regency England by Damien's identical twin, Rafael Carstairs... more

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