Slightly Series by Wendy Markham

3.59 · 92 ratings
  • Slightly Single (Slightly #1)

    Slightly Single (Slightly #1)

    Wendy Markham

    · 18 ratings · published 2011

    For every girl who's ever endured a long, hot urban summer on her own, Slightly Single is the summer breeze you've been waiting for! A heat wave in Manhattan is enough to drive a girl crazy, and for Tracey Spadolini, a 24-year old New York transplant who's been "left behind" for the summer, there's even more to sweat about. Her Slightly Significant Other, Will, will be returning from summer stock in September, to pick up where they left off... more

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  • So Not Single (Slightly #1)

    So Not Single (Slightly #1)

    Wendy Markham,

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    From New York Times Bestselling Author Wendy Corsi Staub, writing as Wendy Markham. Previously published as Slightly Single.Love comes in all shapes and sizes…Tracey Spadolini has everything a chic 24-year-old in Manhattan could want: a handsome boyfriend, her own studio apartment, and an office job that could be a pitstop to her next big break. But then Will decides to leave the city to pursue his theater dreams… with no intention of taking her with him... more

  • Slightly Settled (Slightly #2)

    Slightly Settled (Slightly #2)

    Wendy Markham

    · 18 ratings · published 2004

    Remember Tracey Spadolini from Wendy Markham's hit "SLIGHTLY SINGLE? Well, she's back and looking and feeling fabulous. Only, this time she isn't slightly single, she is slightly settled--don't worry, we soon discover that it suits her. But first, Tracey will ignore her top two "Don'ts" for the office party--and land herself a hot new boyfriend, who happens to live with her new boss. (Did we mention that Tracey is hoping to get a promotion? Hmm, this could get interesting... more

  • Slightly Engaged (Slightly #3)

    Slightly Engaged (Slightly #3)

    Wendy Markham

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    It's been a year and half since Tracey and Jack moved in together, and everything's totally perfect- well okay, almost perfect. There's still Tracey's mom, who says they're living in sin, and her friends, who are smug, married and totally sure that there would already be a ring on Tracey's finger if she hadn't been in such a rush to cosign a lease. Even Tracey is beginning to wonder whether Jack really is looking for a permanent relationship, or whether she's just renting space in his heart... more

  • Slightly Married (Slightly #4)

    Slightly Married (Slightly #4)

    Wendy Markham

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    After two years, the man who bought a lifetime subscription to TiVo without trying it finally committed to a lifetime subscription to Tracey Spandolini. All Tracey wants is to get hitched without a hitch -- but as the calendar marches toward her late-October wedding date, suddenly she and her fiance can't agree on anything. From where to get married (New York City or Buffalo?) to how many attendants they're going to have (she's already asked eight; he was thinking of just a best man)... more

  • Slightly Suburban (Slightly #5)

    Slightly Suburban (Slightly #5)

    Wendy Markham

    · 10 ratings · published 2008

    It seemed exciting at first, but after two and a half years in New York, Tracey has to admit her life…well, sucks. Sure, she makes a decent living as a copywriter, but Blaire Barnett Advertising is a cutthroat world that basically swallows her life. If she does manage to get home before nine, she's usually greeted by husband Jack's best bud, an almost�permanent fixture in their tiny, unaffordable apartment. Add the circus freaks stomping around upstairs, and Tracey decides it's time to move... more

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