Ridley Jones Series by Lisa Unger

3.69 · 36 ratings
  • Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones #1)

    Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones #1)

    Lisa Unger

    · 20 ratings · published 2008

    What if your family was a lie? What if your name was a lie? What if your whole life was just a pack of Beautiful Lies? If Ridley Jones had slept ten minutes later or had taken the subway instead of waiting for a cab, she would still be living the lie she used to call her perfect life. Instead, she’s in the wrong place at the right time to unleash a chain of events that begins with a mysterious package on her doorstep. A package that informs her that her entire world is just an illusion... more

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  • Sliver of Truth (Ridley Jones #2)

    Sliver of Truth (Ridley Jones #2)

    Lisa Unger

    · 16 ratings · published 2013

    Ridley Jones is on a mission to find a ghost from her past . . . a very deadly ghost. In Beautiful Lies, Ridley Jones stepped off a street corner and into an abyss of violence, deception, and fear. She is being a lot more careful about where she steps and trying to get on with her life when another seemingly mundane act—picking up a few envelopes of prints at a photo lab—puts her at the nexus of a global network of crime... more

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