The de Granville Trilogy Series by K.M. Grant

3.92 · 32 ratings
  • Blood Red Horse (The de Granville Trilogy #1)

    Blood Red Horse (The de Granville Trilogy #1)

    K.M. Grant

    · 14 ratings · published 2006

    You need three things to become a brave and noble knight: A warhorse. A fair maiden. A just cause. Will has a horse—a small chestnut stallion with a white blaze in his brow. Ellie is a fair maiden, but she’s supposed to marry Will’s older brother, Gavin. And as for the cause, King Richard is calling for a Crusade. The Knights of England must go to the Holy Land to fight. Will and Gavin will go. Blood will be shed. Lives will be taken... more

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  • Green Jasper (The de Granville Trilogy #2)

    Green Jasper (The de Granville Trilogy #2)

    K.M. Grant

    · 10 ratings · published 2006

    Is it foolish to think that one boy and a blood red horse can save a fair maiden and the throne of England? Will and Gavin de Granville have come back from the crusade older, braver, and definitely wiser. Ellie has been longing for their return. But they've changed. And home is almost as dangerous as the war they've just left. The king is missing. The country is in turmoil. And some men would do anything for power... more

  • Blaze of Silver (The de Granville Trilogy #3)

    Blaze of Silver (The de Granville Trilogy #3)

    K.M. Grant

    · 8 ratings · published 2007

    Can a knight sacrifice everything he holds sacred in service to his king? King Richard is being held for ransom in Germany, and England is in chaos without a sovereign. The de Granvilles must deliver the treasure that will win their King's freedom. But the Old Man of the Mountain, leader of the Assassins, is ready to take his revenge on Kamil. To do so he will orchestrate a great betrayal, and his tentacles of treachery reach far and deep... more

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