Inspector Hemingway Series by Georgette Heyer

3.71 · 52 ratings
  • No Wind of Blame (Inspector Hemingway #1)

    No Wind of Blame (Inspector Hemingway #1)

    Georgette Heyer

    · 14 ratings · published 2009

    The superlatively analytical Inspector Hemingway is confronted by a murder that seems impossible—no one was near the murder weapon at the time the shot was fired. Everyone on the scene seems to have a motive, not to mention the wherewithal to commit murder, and alibis that simply don't hold up... more

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  • Envious Casca (Inspector Hemingway #2)

    Envious Casca (Inspector Hemingway #2)

    Georgette Heyer

    · 14 ratings · published 2010

    It is no ordinary Christmas at Lexham Manor. Six holiday guests find themselves the suspects of a murder enquiry when the old Scrooge, Nathaniel Herriad, who owns the substantial estate, is found stabbed in the back. For Inspector Hemingway of Scotland Yard, ‘tis the season to find whodunit but it’s a real conundrum how any of the suspects could have entered the locked room to commit this foul deed in the first place.

  • Duplicate Death (Inspector Hemingway #3)

    Duplicate Death (Inspector Hemingway #3)

    Georgette Heyer

    · 12 ratings · published 2010

    An elegant card party turns deadly... Inspector Hemingway has his work cut out for him when a seemingly civilized game of Duplicate Bridge leads to a double murder. The crimes seem identical, but were they carried out by the same hand? Things become even more complicated when the fiancée of the inspector's young friend Timothy Kane becomes Hemingway's prime suspect... more

  • Detection Unlimited (Inspector Hemingway #4)

    Detection Unlimited (Inspector Hemingway #4)

    Georgette Heyer

    · 12 ratings · published 2010

    Slumped on a seat under an oak tree is old Sampson Warrenby, with a bullet through his brain. He is discovered by his niece Mavis, who is just one of ten people in the village in the running for chief suspect, having cause to dislike Warrenby intensely. Only Chief Inspector Hemingway can uncover which of the ten has turned hatred into murder. An upstart solicitor is killed and everyone -- who at one time or another wanted him out of the way -- feels panic stricken.

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