Colshannon Series by Sarah Mason

3.70 · 30 ratings
  • Playing James (Colshannon #1)

    Playing James (Colshannon #1)

    Sarah Mason

    · 18 ratings · published 2004

    Rules? What rules? Plucky beat reporter Holly Colshannon has a flair for the dramatic, a nose for trouble, and the remarkable ability to smile through any indignity—though her latest assignment is about to test her mettle. Newly “promoted” to crime reporter for the Bristol Gazette, she must shadow the unsmiling (though undeniably delicious) Detective James Sabine through his action-packed days, and then capture all the danger and thrills of a cop’s life in a daily column for the rag... more

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  • Society Girls (Colshannon #2)

    Society Girls (Colshannon #2)

    Sarah Mason

    · 12 ratings · published 2005

    Heiress Missing: The Untold Story. Clemmie Colshannon, a London art appraiser framed (pun intended) by her boyfriend and subsequently fired, retreats to the bosom of her eccentric family in Cornwall to recover. But no sooner has she unpacked her bags than her sister, Holly, an energetic reporter who lives to scoop, enlists Clemmie’s derring-do on a juicy story. It seems that Emma McKellan, who writes the society pages for the Bristol Gazette, has disappeared days before her lavish wedding... more

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