McCabe Sisters Series by Freya North

3.74 · 46 ratings
  • Cat (McCabe Sisters #1)

    Cat (McCabe Sisters #1)

    Freya North

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    She's in for the ride of her life. Her career is stuck in a rut. Her love life has been a tangle. But fortune favours the brave...When journalist Cat McCabe lands a job reporting on the Tour de France she's confident it might give her stuttering career the boost it needs and provide a welcome distraction from a messy break-up. Or so she hopes. She quickly realizes Le Tour is not just all about the bikes... more

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  • Fen (McCabe Sisters #2)

    Fen (McCabe Sisters #2)

    Freya North

    · 12 ratings · published 2002

    Fen McCabe has only ever been in love with one man: a 19th-century sculptor called Julius Fetherstone. And as Fen starts a new job at Trust Art, dreaming of her hero and his missing masterpiece, her sisters harbour a secret hope that she might meet a living, breathing man instead.

  • Pip (McCabe Sisters #3)

    Pip (McCabe Sisters #3)

    Freya North

    · 10 ratings · published 2004

    Book by FREYA NORTH

  • Home Truths (McCabe Sisters #4)

    Home Truths (McCabe Sisters #4)

    Freya North

    · 12 ratings · published 2006

    Having been brought up in a draughty house in Derbyshire by their eccentric uncle, Django, the McCabe girls actually consider themselves very normal and well-adjusted. Pip is stepmother to 10-year-old Tom, Fen has a young baby and Cat has returned to England to start a family. Their mid 30s are promising to be a time of comfort and contentment. However, at their uncle's 70th birthday party, an unexpected guest arrives. Old family secrets are unearthed. Soon, new bombshells are dropped... more

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