High Risk Series by JoAnn Ross

3.90 · 44 ratings
  • Freefall (High Risk #1)

    Freefall (High Risk #1)

    JoAnn Ross

    · 14 ratings · published 2008

    Emotionally and physically wounded ex-SEAL_Zachariah Tremayne has returned to his South C arolina home determined to shut out the world. Then he meets Sabrina Swann, who has also made a private journey home to put the tattered pieces of her own life back together. But as the two of them learn to love and trust again, a killer is lurking in the shadows, threatening to destroy everything they have fought so hard to rebuild.

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  • Crossfire (High Risk #2)

    Crossfire (High Risk #2)

    JoAnn Ross

    · 10 ratings · published 2008

    Caitlin Cavanaugh likes being in charge. Maybe that's why she's an FBI special agent. Her latest assignment: Stop a violent madman in Somersett, South Carolina. But even more challenging is working with former Navy SEAL Quinn McKade, who --- though Cait would never admit it --- makes her feel deliciously out of control. It takes a sniper to catch a sniper, and McKade begins spending steamy summer nights with Cait, investigating the murders... more

  • Shattered (High Risk #3)

    Shattered (High Risk #3)

    JoAnn Ross

    · 10 ratings · published 2009

    More than a year after his red-hot affair in Baghdad with Army doctor Kirby Campbell, Army pilot Shane Garrett is trying to rebuild his life stateside. Kirby is also stateside, but when she learns a friend is being held hostage in Central America, she works with Phoenix Team to organize a rescue?and Shane isn?t about to let them leave him behind. Or let Kirby get away. But when Kirby and Shane stare danger in the face, they come to know each other in the way no civilian could ever understand... more

  • Breakpoint (High Risk #4)

    Breakpoint (High Risk #4)

    JoAnn Ross

    · 10 ratings · published 2009

    Air Force Combat Controller Dallas O'Halloran is as tough as he is loyal. So he's not pleased when he's recruited into a new anti-terror unit and teamed up with Academy graduate Julianne Decatur-the icy blond JAG officer who nearly court-martialed his friends. Assigned to investigate a Navy flyer's apparent suicide, they discover the trail of a ruthless killer-and an attraction between them that can't be denied... more

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