Nightwind Pack Series by Laurann Dohner, Kele Moon

4.02 · 37 ratings
  • Claimed (Nightwind Pack #1)

    Claimed (Nightwind Pack #1)

    Laurann Dohner, Kele Moon

    · 20 ratings · published 2016

    Kidnapped then released deep in the woods, Brandi is on a harrowing run for her life, hunted by beasts straight out of a horror movie. But there’s an even bigger, more vicious creature in the woods—the deadly werewolf who saves her life. Jason is much more than a man, dangerous and intimidating, and Brandi still finds herself wanting every unbelievably sexy inch of him... more

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  • Shattered (Nightwind Pack #2)

    Shattered (Nightwind Pack #2)

    Laurann Dohner, Kele Moon

    · 11 ratings · published 2019

    Betrayed by the love of her life at sixteen, causing her to flee her home, Amber Daniels’ taste in men hasn’t improved over time. With a bitter divorce under her belt, she returns home to support her sisters and dying mother. It takes one day before she finds herself in trouble with the local werewolves—and being rescued by her childhood crush. One hot look and the pain returns…overshadowed only by the desire. But Amber’s older, wiser, and unwilling to be burned yet again... more

  • Cursed (Nightwind Pack #3)

    Cursed (Nightwind Pack #3)

    Kele Moon, Laurann Dohner

    · 6 ratings · published 2021

    Alpha wolf Jazz Zendell lost his true mate as a teen and has no hope of finding another. Marcy was the only one. Betrayed by his own father, she was taken from him before they had a chance to seal their bond.Now his days are filled helping his best friend Desmon manage the Nightwind pack. The work is rewarding enough for a werewolf destined to be alone…until a mysterious werewolf hunter shows up. More intriguing, the hunter is a human woman with strange connections to his long-lost mate... more

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