The Blood Journals Series by Tessa Gratton

3.69 · 32 ratings
  • Blood Magic (The Blood Journals #1)

    Blood Magic (The Blood Journals #1)

    Tessa Gratton

    · 20 ratings · published 2012

    It starts off simply. Draw a circle... place a dead leaf in the center... sprinkle some salt... recite a little Latin... add a drop of blood... Maybe that last part isn’t exactly simple. Yet somehow it feels right to Silla Kennicott. And nothing in her life has felt remotely right since her parents’ horrific deaths. She’s willing to do anything to uncover the truth about her family—even try a few spells from the mysterious book that arrived on her doorstep ... and spill some blood... more

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  • The Blood Keeper (The Blood Journals #2)

    The Blood Keeper (The Blood Journals #2)

    Tessa Gratton

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    For Mab Prowd, blood magic is as natural as breathing. She spends her days on a secluded Kansas farm with other blood witches, practicing spells for healing and trying to avoid boring lessons like algebra and history. Wild and confident, Mab uses magic to understand her entire world. But when one of Mab's spells mistakenly taps into a powerful, long-dormant curse, she finds her magic spinning out of control - and crashing right into Will Sanger, a boy from town... more

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