Metropolis Series by Riley Hart, Devon McCormack

4.11 · 62 ratings
  • Faking It (Metropolis #1)

    Faking It (Metropolis #1)

    Riley Hart, Devon McCormack

    · 18 ratings · published 2017

    There’s never a dull moment at Metropolis…the condominium known for having the hottest openly gay tenants in town. The boys of Metropolis are always on the prowl for a good time. They like their drinks heavy and their tricks easy. Gary should be living it up in his South Tower unit of Metropolis, but he’s having a hard time adjusting to his newly single status. It’s not easy to walk away from five years with his ex, who he discovered was cheating on him with some North Tower twink... more

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  • Working It (Metropolis #2)

    Working It (Metropolis #2)

    Riley Hart, Devon McCormack

    · 15 ratings · published 2017

    After his boyfriend dumps him, Hayden is in need of a place to live. Thanks to his buddies, he has a great lead to room with a guy named Cody in Metropolis, the hottest condominium in town. But things get a little uncomfortable when Hayden shows up for the interview and discovers he and Cody share an awkward up close and personal experience from their past. Cody doesn’t have a problem living with Hayden... more

  • Owning It (Metropolis #3)

    Owning It (Metropolis #3)

    Riley Hart, Devon McCormack

    · 16 ratings · published 2017

    Just out of an eighteen-year marriage, the last thing Jackson expects the first time he visits a gay bar is for a sexy, drunk twink to mistakenly climb into his Jeep. The twink part he’s good with, the drunk part…not so much. As far as Jackson’s concerned, the boy should come with a warning label. But Derek is not as flighty as Jackson thought…he’s actually pretty incredible. Getting to know the wild, funny man is a breath of fresh air... more

  • Finding It (Metropolis #3.5)

    Finding It (Metropolis #3.5)

    Riley Hart, Devon McCormack

    · 6 ratings · published 2018

    Will you marry me, Gary? Travis never expected to meet the love of his life, especially not with a guy like Gary-his very own Superass. But now that he has, he's not letting him go. He's got the ring and a plan. But when his proposal during the biggest fundraiser of the summer doesn't go as expected, it's up to familiar friends to make sure this day ends with someone putting a ring on it. Because these guys know the hardest thing about love is simply FINDING IT... more

  • Trying It (Metropolis #4)

    Trying It (Metropolis #4)

    Riley Hart, Devon McCormack

    · 7 ratings · published 2018

    Frankie Ramirez never figured helping a twink-in-need would lead to him finding a bestie, but that's exactly what happened with Evan. Living with him at Metropolis has been a dream come true. Evan's sexy, kind, knows how to make Frankie smile, and he's both hilarious and confident when he sings his heart out during karaoke. Evan's been dealt a bad hand, and Frankie likes being there for him, but Evan does the same for Frankie... more

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