Winterset Coven Series by T.S. Joyce

4.42 · 37 ratings
  • King of the Asheville Coven (Winterset Coven #1)

    King of the Asheville Coven (Winterset Coven #1)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 13 ratings · published 2016

    ****King of the Asheville Coven can be read as a standalone Vampire Romance, or as a spinoff of T. S. Joyce's International Bestselling Harper's Mountains series**** Aric Teague is the king of the local coven, and trying to do a better job than the last leader. Add to that a new job at the Winterset Fire Department, and the last thing he needs is to complicate his life further. But when he lays eyes on a fiercely beautiful Sadey, all bets are off the table... more

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  • Second of the Winterset Coven (Winterset Coven #2)

    Second of the Winterset Coven (Winterset Coven #2)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 14 ratings · published 2016

    Dawn Reed is a small town girl looking for a big adventure. She’s been feeling stagnant for a while, but there is a new coven in town and the Second to the king has captured her heart. Garret has been patiently building a slow friendship, but when he cuts her off, Dawn is bereft. Not only is she losing the man she’s falling head-over-heels for, she’s losing her friends in the coven as well... more

  • Third of the Winterset Coven (Winterset Coven #3)

    Third of the Winterset Coven (Winterset Coven #3)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    Evan Dawe's coven is falling apart. Between wars with competing shifter Crews, an injured King, and attacks from other supernaturals, the vampire numbers in Winterset are dwindling. And every vampire worth his weight in salt knows there is safety in numbers. When a trio of gruesome murders happen right outside of his sleepy town, it's up to Evan to find out who is putting his people in danger and stop them. The murderer has only allowed one survivor, and Nicole is terrified of vampires... more

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