Colorblind Series by Rose B. Mashal

4.18 · 22 ratings
  • Black Keys (Colorblind #1)

    Black Keys (Colorblind #1)

    Rose B. Mashal

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    To save a stranger’s life, she put her own in the hands of a man who represented everything she loathed.Young CEO Marie Archer was shocked when her brother, Joseph, returned from the Middle East with a contract for a new office in the Kingdom of Alfaidya, a royal fiancée, and a wedding four days away.Despite her concern over his rush to get married, there was nothing Marie wouldn’t do for Joseph... more

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  • White Locks (Colorblind #2)

    White Locks (Colorblind #2)

    Rose B. Mashal

    · 8 ratings · published 2016

    When love knocked on Marie's door, she had a hard time denying her heart what it wanted. Especially after she'd found her black keys. Now Marie finally realizes that home is not where she was born, or where she'd lived all of her life. Home is where her Love is. It's time for her to follow her heart. With longing heavy in her mind and soul, Marie goes back to the kingdom, ignoring all of the bad thoughts and refusing to let them control her actions... more

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