Russkaya Mafiya Series by Sapphire Knight, Amanda Pederick, Amanda L. Pederick

3.95 · 26 ratings
  • Secrets (Russkaya Mafiya #1)

    Secrets (Russkaya Mafiya #1)

    Sapphire Knight, Amanda L. Pederick

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Running scared, I’m forced to start completely over. I escape to Tennessee where no one knows who I am. I try to blend in and decide that a huge University will be the easiest way. Tainted, scared and alone, will he find me? Will he hurt me again? I have a secret you see. I need a savior, someone who can help me be free. I never expected to meet Tate Masterson. Strong, sexy and stubborn; with his alluring hazel eyes, tattoos and Russian accent... more

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  • Exposed (Russkaya Mafiya #2)

    Exposed (Russkaya Mafiya #2)

    Sapphire Knight, Amanda Pederick

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Cameron I cared about fun. I cared about getting through school and my future with the mafia. That is until I was wrecked by London Layla Traverson’s secret and a grimy biker. Cain I cared about my bike, fighting and my club- The Oath Keepers MC. Well, up until I saw London Layla Traverson’s icy blue eye’s again. London I had to get to Tennessee to help Emily as fast as possible. She was in trouble and I knew what was coming for her... more

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