Iron Lace Series by Emilie Richards

4.10 · 20 ratings
  • Iron Lace (Iron Lace #1)

    Iron Lace (Iron Lace #1)

    Emilie Richards

    · 10 ratings · published 1996

    When Aurore Gerritsen watched her lover kill her father, it was just one act of violence in a long chain of dramatic events. Years later, behind the iron lace gates of wealthy New Orleans, beneath the veneer of her society name, linger secrets that Aurore Gerritsen has hidden for a lifetime, and truths that threaten to change forever the lives of her unsuspecting family. Now, as Aurore faces her own mortality, she needs to reveal those secrets that have haunted her for so many years... more

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  • Rising Tides (Iron Lace #2)

    Rising Tides (Iron Lace #2)

    Emilie Richards

    · 10 ratings · published 2010

    Nine people have gathered for the reading of Aurore Gerritsen's will. Some are family, others are strangers. But all will have their futures changed forever when a lifetime of secrets is finally revealed. Aurore Gerritsen left clear instructions: her will is to be read over a four-day period at her summer cottage on a small Louisiana island. Those who don't stay will forfeit their inheritance. With the vast fortune of Gulf Coast Shipping at stake, no one will take that risk... more

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