Rei Shimura Series by Sujata Massey

3.68 · 92 ratings
  • The Salaryman's Wife (Rei Shimura #1)

    The Salaryman's Wife (Rei Shimura #1)

    Sujata Massey

    · 14 ratings · published 2000

    Japanese-American Rei Shimura is a 27-year-old English teacher living in one of Tokyo's seediest neighborhoods. She doesn't make much money, but she wouldn't go back home to California even if she had a free ticket (which, thanks to her parents, she does.) Her independence is threatened however, when a getaway to an ancient castle town is marred by murder. Rei is the first to find the beautiful wife of a high-powered businessman, dead in the snow... more

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  • Zen Attitude (Rei Shimura #2)

    Zen Attitude (Rei Shimura #2)

    Sujata Massey

    · 12 ratings · published 2005

    It's Tough to Keep Cool When the Heat Is On Japanese-American Rei Shimura finally has a life to be proud of in Tokyo: running her own antiques business and living with her Scottish lawyer boyfreind. But when Rei overpays for a beautiful chest of drawers, she's in for the worst deal of her life. The con man who sold her the Tansu is found dead, and like it or not Rei's opened a pandora's box of mystery, theft, and murder. Only Rei sees the Tansu as the key... more

  • The Flower Master (Rei Shimura #3)

    The Flower Master (Rei Shimura #3)

    Sujata Massey

    · 12 ratings · published 1999

    Agatha Award-winning author Sujata Massey makes her hardcover debut with The flower Master, the third entry in her wonderfully successful mystery series featuring a savvy young Japanese-American woman in modern-day Tokyo. Rei Shimura, a twentysomething part-California girl, part-Japanese antiques dealer, can't quite find her place in Tokyo society. Lately Rei's love life has fallen off the radar screen, and despite all her efforts, her new business isn't doing much better... more

  • The Floating Girl (Rei Shimura #4)

    The Floating Girl (Rei Shimura #4)

    Sujata Massey

    · 12 ratings · published 2000

    Rei Shimura is a Japanese-American antiques dealer who, looking to supplement her income, has begun writing a column for the Gaijin Times, Tokyo's English-language newspaper. When the paper's owner decides to transform the publication from a conventional news outlet to a comic book magazine, Shimura gets what is, for her, an unwanted assignment--to write an article on the history and culture of manga... more

  • The Bride's Kimono (Rei Shimura #5)

    The Bride's Kimono (Rei Shimura #5)

    Sujata Massey

    · 12 ratings · published 2002

    Antiques dealer Rei Shimura has managed to snag one of the most lucrative and prestigious jobs of her career: a renowned museum in Washington, D.C., has invited her to exhibit her kimonos and give a lecture on them. Accompanied by a gaggle of Japanese office ladies bent on a week of shopping, Rei lands in the capital. But her big break could ultimately break her... more

  • The Samurai's Daughter (Rei Shimura #6)

    The Samurai's Daughter (Rei Shimura #6)

    Sujata Massey

    · 10 ratings · published 2004

    A new crime–thriller full of suspense from Sujata Massey, the acclaimed author of The Bride's Kimono and The Floating Girl. Antiques dealer Rei Shimura is in San Francisco visiting her parents and researching a personal project tracing the story of 100 years of Japanese decorative arts through her own family's experience... more

  • The Pearl Diver (Rei Shimura #7)

    The Pearl Diver (Rei Shimura #7)

    Sujata Massey

    · 10 ratings · published 2005

    The seventh book in Sujata Massey's Agatha and Macavity Award–winning mystery series is a witty, suspenseful story that takes its young sleuth into the Washington DC restaurant world. A dazzling engagement ring and the promise of a fresh start bring antiques dealer and sometime sleuth Rei Shimura to Washington, DC... more

  • The Typhoon Lover (Rei Shimura #8)

    The Typhoon Lover (Rei Shimura #8)

    Sujata Massey

    · 10 ratings · published 2006

    A young woman with a foothold in two cultures, Rei Shimura has gone wherever fortune and her unruly passions have led her throughout her chaotic twenties. Now, after the streamers for her thirtieth birthday celebration have been taken down, the Japanese-American antiques dealer and part-time sleuth finds herself with an assignment to find and authenticate an ancient Middle Eastern pitcher that disappeared from Iraq's national museum... more

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