Courtlight Series by Terah Edun

3.80 · 76 ratings
  • Sworn to Raise (Courtlight #1)

    Sworn to Raise (Courtlight #1)

    Terah Edun

    · 16 ratings · published 2013

    Seventeen-year-old Ciardis has grown up in poverty, a cleaner in a small vale on the outskirts of the empire. But beneath her empire’s seemingly idyllic surface lies a hidden secret. Whispers of an inept crown Prince are growing ever louder—intensified by the five year anniversary of the soulbond initiations. Amidst scandalous whispers, Ciardis finds herself chosen to train for the Companion’s Guild. She leaves her home and sets off on a personal journey to become a Court Companion... more

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  • Sworn to Transfer (Courtlight #2)

    Sworn to Transfer (Courtlight #2)

    Terah Edun

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    Eighteen-year-old companion trainee Ciardis Weathervane has won the friendship of the royal heir and saved his claim to the throne. Yet her interference in the inheritance rights leaves more harm done than good. The Ameles Forest lies unprotected and its inhabitants are dying. As humans begin to die in gruesome deaths, the Emperor dispatches the royal heir to the forests with the solution to the kith concerns... more

  • Sworn To Conflict (Courtlight #3)

    Sworn To Conflict (Courtlight #3)

    Terah Edun

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    The latest release in the high fantasy series which has drawn comparisons to Kushiel's Dart, Graceling, and the epic world of Tamora Pierce.Ciardis Weathervane fought for the living dead and won. But worse than taking on a mass murderer, was her discovery that she had been deceived by her friends. Now she needs to not only fight a war in the North and survive, but also decide where she stands in the midst of competing sides... more

  • Sworn To Defiance (Courtlight #5)

    Sworn To Defiance (Courtlight #5)

    Terah Edun

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Available Today Ciardis Weathervane returned to the imperial court of Sandrin to unite her foes. But her efforts hit a stumbling block. The imperial kind. She never thought that before rallying an empire, she'd have to fight the emperor himself. An imposter sits the throne and the court she turned to for help is in turmoil. Ciardis hasn't survived assassination attempts, torture and really bad luck to be taken down by her own ruler. So she devises a plan... more

  • Sworn To Ascension (Courtlight #6)

    Sworn To Ascension (Courtlight #6)

    Terah Edun

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Ciardis Weathervane is officially engaged to one man and bonded to a second. She should be planning the wedding ceremony, bearding the nobles of the imperial court in their dens, and exposing an imposter emperor. Instead she’s spending her engagement on the lawless road to the western lands. Now with the help of a guide from a tribe of seers, Ciardis is traveling to the ancient city of Kifar... more

  • Sworn To Vengeance (Courtlight #7)

    Sworn To Vengeance (Courtlight #7)

    Terah Edun

    · 8 ratings · published 2016

    Ciardis Weathervane is nothing if not resourceful but she and her friends are running out of time and options. They stand at the westernmost edge of the Algardis Empire with a mission from their emperor – bring home the collar that will stop a god in its tracks or die trying. But nothing is ever that simple. In their way stands thousands of people trapped inside a walled city for half a century... more

  • Sworn To Sovereignty (Courtlight #8)

    Sworn To Sovereignty (Courtlight #8)

    Terah Edun

    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    Ciardis Weathervane has one simple rule – win the first fight, then move on to the next. But she’s finding out that the citizens of Sandrin have other plans in mind. When she returns to the imperial capital city, she finds that nothing is as she left it. Only a week has passed and yet chaos reins. Vana Cloudbreaker has been attacked and surprisingly, she did not come out on top... more

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