Berkeley-Faulkner Series by Lisa Kleypas

3.54 · 32 ratings
  • Where Passion Leads (Berkeley-Faulkner #1)

    Where Passion Leads (Berkeley-Faulkner #1)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 15 ratings · published 1987

    "LOVE, BE STILL," HE WHISPERED, AND SLIPPED ONE ARM AROUND HER BACK AS HE WONDERINGLY STROKED HER YIELDING FLESH, AROUSING HER WITH THE SENSITIVE BRUSH OF HIS FINGERS. "YOU'RE PERFECT ..." Beautiful young Rosalie Belleau was swept up into an aristocratic world of luxury, license and intricate intrigue when the most notorious and handsome rake in London, Lord Randall Berkeley, abducted her in the belief that she was any man's for the taking... more

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  • Forever My Love (Berkeley-Faulkner #2)

    Forever My Love (Berkeley-Faulkner #2)

    Lisa Kleypas

    · 17 ratings · published 1988

    HER LIPS SOFTENED AND CLUNG TO HIS, SEEKING THE WARMTH AND TASTE OF HIM. HIS TONGUE FEATHERED AGAINST HERS, AND SHE SHIVERED WITH A CRAVING MORE POWERFUL, MORE URGENT, THAN HUNGER OR THIRST ... Exquisitely beautiful Mira Germain was only eighteen when she made her bargain with the wealthy, powerful, elderly Lord Sackville. He would keep and protect her, and she would let him flaunt her as mistress to hide his shameful personal secret... more

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