Roman Series by Kimber S. Dawn

3.75 · 25 ratings
  • Roman (Roman #1)

    Roman (Roman #1)

    Kimber S. Dawn

    · 15 ratings · published 2014

    Roman is a man of little words and lesser morals. He's a man who accepted his demons long before the average person even realized they had any. Roman has never felt emotions like guilt, shame, or remorse. Roman has also never felt love, sympathy, or compassion Jaded for reasons unknown with more money at his disposal than he knows what to do with, Roman's walk to the dark side began long before his first kill... more

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  • Roman's Redemption (Roman #2)

    Roman's Redemption (Roman #2)

    Kimber S. Dawn

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    I once told you, "Every sin I commit, every life I end, every soul I purchase, I do so to watch in gratifying amusement as it fades out. I've taken these lives with whole and complete intentions of watching my sins and transgressions affect and alter the life of others." I'm afraid those words no longer hold even a thread of truth. The man you once knew is now nothing more than a ghost. The blood staining my hands is no longer a consequence of my amusement. I have become pure evil... more

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