Wings Series by J.C. Owens

3.65 · 23 ratings
  • Wings (Wings #1)

    Wings (Wings #1)

    J.C. Owens

    · 15 ratings · published 2018

    Black wings. White wings. From a bitter war between races comes a rare chance at love... Anyar was a proud, black-winged warrior until he caught the attention of Vanyae, the white-winged enemy prince warring against his people. Vanyae ruthlessly takes Anyar prisoner, enslaving him and forcing him to submit in order to save Anyar's commander from harm. But freedom is not the only thing taken from him. His dark wings are clipped, leaving him longing for the skies and the joy of flight... more

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  • Dominion of the Eth (Wings #2)

    Dominion of the Eth (Wings #2)

    J.C. Owens

    · 8 ratings · published 2012

    The collar would stay, for Rylis would never free Tamrin... Childhood memories of the Eth did no justice to what Rylis Tanyan would encounter in the depths of the Teeathun forest. But what he had treasured before had betrayed him, and now he must fight to escape the confines of the forest and his feelings for Tamrin, the Eth whom he'd loved long ago...

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