Skindancer Series by Anthony Francis

3.72 · 26 ratings
  • Frost Moon (Skindancer #1)

    Frost Moon (Skindancer #1)

    Anthony Francis

    · 16 ratings · published 2010

    In an alternate Atlanta where vampires and werewolves prowl the night, magic is real, and tattoo magic is the strongest magic of them all, a serial killer is targeting the magically tattooed on the full moon. Dakota Frost, best magical tattooist in the Southeast, learns from the police she may be a target ... just when she receives a lucrative commission to ink a magic tattoo for a werewolf before the next full moon... more

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  • Blood Rock (Skindancer #2)

    Blood Rock (Skindancer #2)

    Anthony Francis

    · 10 ratings · published 2011

    Dakota Frost is back, and the ink is about to hit the fan-again. Graffiti comes to life in the dark heart of Atlanta’s oldest cemetery, slaying one of the city’s best loved vampires before the eyes of his friend Dakota Frost. Deadly magick is at work on the city’s walls, challenging even the amazing power of Dakota’s tattoos to contain it. The hungry, graffiti magick loves to kill, and the Edgeworld is no longer safe from its own kind... more

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