War of the Alphas Series by S.M. Reine

3.85 · 24 ratings
  • Omega (War of the Alphas #1)

    Omega (War of the Alphas #1)

    S.M. Reine

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Ten years ago, Deirdre Tombs died. When she was reborn the next day, Deirdre had become a shapeshifter who can't shift shapes. Nobody knows what animal she's supposed to be. She's definitely not a werewolf. The Alpha, Rylie Gresham, can't force her to transform like other members of her pack. Now Deirdre is considered an omega, the weakest shapeshifter in the pack--a vulnerable position when Everton Stark demands tribute from Rylie. He wants to be the dominant Alpha. The only Alpha... more

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  • Beta: An Urban Fantasy Novel (War of the Alphas #2)

    Beta: An Urban Fantasy Novel (War of the Alphas #2)

    S.M. Reine

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Deirdre Tombs has lived most her life as the weakest of shapeshifters—an Omega who can’t turn into any animal. Now the terrorist known as Everton Stark has made her his Beta. He wants her by his side when he defeats the Office of Preternatural Affairs, kills Rylie Gresham, and becomes Alpha of all shifters. The faeries from the Winter Court have an offer to make Stark’s domination easier. They know where to find a cursed sword that can kill anything, and they’ll give it to him…for a price... more

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