The Reaper Diaries Series by Michele Vail

3.69 · 22 ratings
  • Undeadly (The Reaper Diaries #1)

    Undeadly (The Reaper Diaries #1)

    Michele Vail

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    The day I turned 16, my boyfriend-to-be died. I brought him back to life. Then things got a little weird... Molly Bartolucci wants to blend in, date hottie Rick and keep her zombie-raising abilities on the down-low. Then the god Anubis chooses her to become a reaper—and she accidentally undoes the work of another reaper, Rath. Within days, she's shipped off to the Nekyia Academy, an elite boarding school that trains the best necromancers in the world. And her personal reaping tutor? Rath... more

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  • Unchosen (The Reaper Diaries #2)

    Unchosen (The Reaper Diaries #2)

    Michele Vail

    · 6 ratings · published 2013

    I thought the worst of my reaper training was behind me… turns out I was wrong. Dead wrong. Molly Bartolucci has done a lot of growing up but after being accused of using illegal magic at her school for necromancers, reaper-in-training Molly is treading lightly. As the destined leader of Anubis’s Chosen, she needs to study hard, train harder, and stay out of trouble. Uh, right. It doesn’t help that she’s feeling more than academic about her melt-your-bones hot reaping instructor, Rath... more

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