The Alpha Fighter Series by Ava Ashley

3.65 · 27 ratings
  • Alpha Fighter (The Alpha Fighter #1)

    Alpha Fighter (The Alpha Fighter #1)

    Ava Ashley

    · 15 ratings · published 2014

    Savannah Santos is on the run, almost out of options and cash. She fled everything she ever knew to follow her career dreams and not endanger anyone by getting too close. But she wasn't expecting her new roommate to be her dream guy. For Cooper Quin, being any girl's dream man, is nothing new, but he's determined to stay exactly that: a dream. His focus is on killing it in the brutal MMA ring. With a dark past of pain and betrayal, falling in love is the last thing he intends to do... more

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  • Alpha Fighter - Part Two (The Alpha Fighter #2)

    Alpha Fighter - Part Two (The Alpha Fighter #2)

    Ava Ashley

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    The series is now complete. Enjoy the final installment of Alpha Fighter. Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her: she fell in love. But just after opening herself up to love and losing her virginity to MMA fighter Cooper Quin, the skeletons in her closet come knocking. Forced to make a difficult decision between life and death, both for herself and her lover, Savannah goes on the run again. But once in love, the heart cannot forget... more

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