Rough Series by Laura Baumbach

3.68 · 25 ratings
  • A Bit of Rough (Rough #1)

    A Bit of Rough (Rough #1)

    Laura Baumbach

    · 15 ratings · published 2007

    Architect James Justin impulsively lets himself be picked up in a biker bar by seductive hunk Bram Lord for a one nightstand that turns into something bigger. The physically impressive, forceful stranger mets, matches and exceeds James' sexual fantasies, but can shy, uncertain James be everything the strongly committed Bram wants?

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  • Roughhousing (Rough #2)

    Roughhousing (Rough #2)

    Laura Baumbach

    · 10 ratings · published 2011

    James and Bram are back in this sequel to the bestselling A Bit of Rough ! They've been dating a while, now, but James is still unsure about his feelings for Bram. He's rushed into things before, and it's always backfired on him, so James wants to take it slow. Bram is so forceful, though, so sexy and convincing that it's hard to stand fast against him. In fact, Bram is the one steady thing in James' life, when everything else seems to be shifting like sand under his feet... more

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