Warriors of Kelon Series by Angela Castle

3.75 · 74 ratings
  • Abducting Alice (Warriors of Kelon #1)

    Abducting Alice (Warriors of Kelon #1)

    Angela Castle

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    For someone who thinks rocks are more interesting than men, geologist Alice is proven how very wrong she is. When a probe crashes to Earth near a dig site, Alice Clarkson thinks she has hit the jackpot of her gem collecting career finding a real life meteor to add to her collection. But this is no mere meteor. It’s an alien probe designed to capture life; specifically female life. Abducted and placed on sale in an alien slave market... more

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  • Tempting Tara (Warriors of Kelon #2)

    Tempting Tara (Warriors of Kelon #2)

    Angela Castle

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Tara Clarkson has been searching for her missing sister, Alice, until the night she turns up with two large sexy alien men in tow. Now Tara is pissed as hell after being abducted herself. Alice and her alien husband promise to return her to Earth on their next trip. Melron is fun, playful, sexy as hell and determined to persuade her to be his. After arriving on Planet Kelon, Melron formulates a plan to get her under his roof and into his arms... more

  • Resisting Rachel (Warriors of Kelon #3)

    Resisting Rachel (Warriors of Kelon #3)

    Angela Castle

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Forced down by enemy fire, The Kelon ship Rachel has been travelling on crashes into a strange alien planet. Stranded until they can be rescued, commander Syl knows the only way to protect Rachel, and stop his warriors fighting over her, is to claim her as quickly as possible. Feeling responsible for the fragile human, he sees it as his duty to claim her, even though Syl believes himself in love with his brother’s wife... more

  • Claiming Claire (Warriors of Kelon #4)

    Claiming Claire (Warriors of Kelon #4)

    Angela Castle

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    Addassar and Lurr have been assigned to the new Kelon space station orbiting Earth. In a fight with the enemy they are forced down onto the planet. When Addassar and Lurr meet a lovely human woman they both want to claim her for themselves. Claire never expected a space ship to crash in the lake on her Ju-Ju berry farm in the remote north of Australia. Nor did she expect to find not one, but two, buffed up sexy alien men... more

  • Saving Sara (Warriors of Kelon #5)

    Saving Sara (Warriors of Kelon #5)

    Angela Castle

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Sara, abducted from Earth by cruel aliens, is used as a torture slave and left to die. Solron, a healer of Kelon, is annoyed at being ordered to go on a cleanup mission to check abandoned enemy war bases. When he and the crew discover a small human woman on the brink of death, Solron manages to save her. But the beautiful little human stirs more within him than his need to heal. Under Solron’s care, Sara falls deeply in love with the alien doctor and he claims her for himself... more

  • Possessing Providence (Warriors of Kelon #6)

    Possessing Providence (Warriors of Kelon #6)

    Angela Castle

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Electrician, Providence Velour, is called in to fix an electrical problem in a cosmetics factory in her remote home town. But what she discovers, throws her into deep trouble and into the arms of a large and sexy alien. Zelron, a warrior of Kelon, is a dangerous creature, wanting to kill the humans who hold him captive. Ever since his ship crashed to Earth, he has been at their cruel mercy... more

  • Embracing Emily (Warriors of Kelon #7)

    Embracing Emily (Warriors of Kelon #7)

    Angela Castle

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Physically scarred and emotionally broken, Kelon Warrior, Vallarr, is sent to Earth as a guard to a group of Kelon scientists and healers. When he meets the little human English teacher, she stirs his body and mind in more ways than one. Emily Morland, left partially paralyzed in her youth, is assigned the task of teaching English to the Kelons. Unafraid of Vallar’s prickly personality, she sees a deeper hurt behind his gruff behavior and wants to help... more

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