Teeny Templeton Series by Michael Lee West

3.62 · 24 ratings
  • Gone With a Handsomer Man (Teeny Templeton #1)

    Gone With a Handsomer Man (Teeny Templeton #1)

    Michael Lee West

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    Take one out-of-work pastry chef . . . Teeny Templeton believes that her life is finally on track. She’s getting married, she’s baking her own wedding cake, and she’s leaving her troubled past behind. And then? She finds her fiancé playing naked badminton with a couple of gorgeous, skanky chicks. Add a whole lot of trouble . . . Needless to say, the wedding is off. Adding insult to injury, her fiancé slaps a restraining order on her... more

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  • A Teeny Bit of Trouble (Teeny Templeton #2)

    A Teeny Bit of Trouble (Teeny Templeton #2)

    Michael Lee West

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    In this hilarious follow-up to GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN, Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton witnesses a murder and discovers that her laywer-boyfriend, Coop O'Malley, has been keeping secrets. It’s not every day that I bake a dozen Red Velvet cakes, learn my boyfriend may have a love child, and I witness a murder... more

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