V Valentine Series by Carolyn Mackler

3.60 · 32 ratings
  • Vegan, Virgin, Valentine (V Valentine #1)

    Vegan, Virgin, Valentine (V Valentine #1)

    Carolyn Mackler

    · 18 ratings · published 2006

    "Warmth and humor suffuse the story of Mara's senior-year transformation from tense, rigid perfectionist to relaxed, centered graduate. . . . Funny and optimistic." � KIRKUS REVIEWS Mara Valentine is in control. She's a straight-A senior, a vegan, and her parents' pride and joy. She's neck-and-neck with her womanizing ex-boyfriend for number-one class ranking and plans to kick his salutatorian butt on her way out the door to Yale... more

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  • Guyaholic (V Valentine #2)

    Guyaholic (V Valentine #2)

    Carolyn Mackler

    · 14 ratings · published 2007

    Sometimes it takes getting hit with a hockey puck to help you see what�s good for you! Carolyn Mackler is back � and V is off on a solo road trip � in this funny, poignant follow-up to VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE. V Valentine is the queen of meaningless hookups. Ever since her mom dumped her with her grandparents, she has bounced from guy to guy. But in the spring of senior year, a fateful hockey puck lands her in the lap of Sam Almond. Right from the start, things with Sam are different... more

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