Loveswept, Series by Sandra Brown

3.60 · 30 ratings
  • In a Class by Itself (Loveswept, #66)

    In a Class by Itself (Loveswept, #66)

    Sandra Brown

    · 14 ratings · published 2000

    One of romance's best-loved authors, Sandra Brown creates love stories whose "larger than life heroes and heroines make you believe all the warm, wonderful, wild things in life."* Now the "New York Times" bestselling author delivers a powerfully erotic and deeply moving tale of a woman reunited with her first and only love--a man who wants what she denied him ten years ago.... In A Class By Itself Dani Quinn knew Logan Webster would be at her high school reunion... more

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  • 22 Indigo Place (Loveswept, #154)

    22 Indigo Place (Loveswept, #154)

    Sandra Brown

    · 16 ratings · published 1991

    To beautiful Laura Nolan, the mansion on Indigo Place wasn't just a home�it was her life's passion. Now old family debts were forcing her to sell and, much to her surprise, James Paden was the prospective buyer. Once the high school bad boy, he'd been too dangerous to flirt with, but too gorgeous to ignore. Now he was all man, and he still had the devastating power to seduce Laura's senses, to make her shiver with emotions she dared not confess... more

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