The Dire Wolves Chronicles Series by Alyssa Rose Ivy

3.85 · 30 ratings
  • Dire (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #1)

    Dire (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #1)

    Alyssa Rose Ivy

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Gage was the first guy I ever wanted. He was my first crush and my first fantasy, but he wasn't my first in any other way because he never saw me as anything more than a friend— at least not until the night that changed everything. It was all Gage's fault. He insisted we drive through the storm and take the back roads. By the time the storm hit full force we had no chance. One night of snowbound sex changed our relationship forever... more

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  • Dusk (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #2)

    Dusk (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #2)

    Alyssa Rose Ivy

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    After you have sacrificed your freedom what else is there to lose? Mary Anne has given her word to Hunter that she’ll stay as his mate, but every second she spends with him takes her further away from Gage when he needs her the most. Caught between love and duty, Mary Anne discovers that her troubles are just beginning, and that sometimes love comes at a great price. *New Adult Paranormal Romance*

  • Dawn (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #3)

    Dawn (The Dire Wolves Chronicles #3)

    Alyssa Rose Ivy

    · 8 ratings · published 2015

    It is always darkest before dawn. Gage and Mary Anne are on the run and determined to break Hunter out of prison so he can finish changing Gage. They look to Mary Anne’s college friend Genevieve and the zany Dire Denny for assistance, but in the end, help comes from the unlikeliest of places. Hunter must end the hunt even if it means destroying his own brother and giving up on the girl destined to be his... more

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