Christmas Stories Series by Anne Perry

3.55 · 72 ratings
  • A Christmas Visitor (Christmas Stories #2)

    A Christmas Visitor (Christmas Stories #2)

    Anne Perry

    · 12 ratings · published 2004

    Renowned for her acclaimed Victorian novels as well as a stunning new series set in World War I, Anne Perry consistently dazzles us with stories rife with emotion, intrigue, and psychological depth. She recently expanded her talents with the delightfully rendered novella, "A Christmas Journey," which "USA Today" called "one of the best books to brighten the joyous season." Now she has given readers another gift-a yuletide offering full of holiday magic . . . and murder... more

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  • A Christmas Guest (Christmas Stories #3)

    A Christmas Guest (Christmas Stories #3)

    Anne Perry

    · 12 ratings · published 2005

    Mariah Ellison, vinegar-tongued Grandmama from the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, believes Christmas is no reason to celebrate. When the Pitts plan a Christmas vacation to Paris sans hers truly, she cantankerously retreats to the chilly, windswept, provincial Romney Marshes of her daughter's parents, Caroline and Joshua Fielding. Joshua's cousin Maude Barrington is well-traveled and friendly, but her strangeness and impropriety send Grandmama over the edge... more

  • A Christmas Secret (Christmas Stories #4)

    A Christmas Secret (Christmas Stories #4)

    Anne Perry

    · 12 ratings · published 2006

    Just in time for the holidays, Anne Perry gives her fans a marvelous gift: a new yuletide yarn full of light celebration and dark mischief. Dominic Corde is thrilled to “fill the robe” as substitute vicar in the village of Cottisham, while the Reverend Wynter is away on a three-week Christmas holiday. Glad to escape his dreary London flat and a less-than-satisfying job as church curate, Dominic and his beloved wife, Clarice, set off for what they hope will be a lovely winter getaway... more

  • A Christmas Beginning (Christmas Stories #5)

    A Christmas Beginning (Christmas Stories #5)

    Anne Perry

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    Whatever the season, a new novel by bestselling author Anne Perry is always a wonderful gift, but her holiday novels are particularly special treats, and A Christmas Beginning is a deeply felt story of passion and redemption. Superintendent Runcorn of Scotland Yard is spending Christmas on the wild and beautiful island of Anglesey off the north coast of Wales. On one of his solitary strolls, the lonely bachelor stumbles upon a lifeless body in the village churchyard... more

  • A Christmas Homecoming (Christmas Stories #9)

    A Christmas Homecoming (Christmas Stories #9)

    Anne Perry

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Among the brilliant array of Anne Perry's "New York Times" bestselling novels, her Christmas stories occupy perhaps the warmest spot in the hearts of readers. Each one is a masterpiece of suspense; each is alight with the true holiday spirit... more

  • A Christmas Garland (Christmas Stories #10)

    A Christmas Garland (Christmas Stories #10)

    Anne Perry

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    ’Tis the season for a pair of Christmas novels that add a dash of murder to the Yuletide spirit.   “Perry’s Victorian-era holiday mysteries [are] an annual treat.”—The Wall Street Journal   A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING   “Could have been devised by Agatha Christie . . . [Anne Perry is] a modern master... more

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