Bartlett Brothers Series by Suzanne Brockmann

3.61 · 26 ratings
  • Forbidden (Bartlett Brothers #1)

    Forbidden (Bartlett Brothers #1)

    Suzanne Brockmann

    · 14 ratings · published 1997

    From "New York Times" bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann comes a thrilling tale of romance and suspense, filled with all the surprise, passion, and mystery of a new love. When Kayla Grey travels from Boston to Montana, the last place she expects to end up is huddled beneath a blanket of dirt in the middle of a fierce snowstorm. And the last person she expects to rescue her is the very man she'd come to find... more

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  • Freedom's Price (Bartlett Brothers #2)

    Freedom's Price (Bartlett Brothers #2)

    Suzanne Brockmann

    · 12 ratings · published 1998

    Could a revolutionary used to running wild win the heart of a world-weary journalist? Liam Bartlett had nearly lost his life in San Salustiano, and for five years the correspondent had done his best to silence his ghosts.  But when Marisala Bolivar arrived in Boston, all his memories returned�along with a white-hot hunger for the young rebel who'd hidden him and kept him alive!  Marisala ached for Liam's touch, so long forbidden but now hers to fight for with a woman's fierce need... more

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